by D&G

Mar 31, 2010

Just read some news of Prada from Elle,showing the pair of heels that spent me like 15 minutes to look at,just look at,in the shop.Because it was like 2 months ago,I started thinking of whether plastic heels will work in the future.And Prada is now telling me the answer,YES!!!

Wearing it makes me think of the game I used to play when I was a 5 years old girl:Pretending to be Cinderella,forcing my mom to give her pair of heels to me,for a million times a day.(wonderful memories of mine,but certainly not my mom's)

By the way,here is my new design,since I don't need to go to school these few days,I'm drawing at home.

I don't really like raspberries,but as soon as they look nice on high heels,who cares?

Inspired by my black forest swiss roll below and the raspberries above.

One of my favourtie desserts, it's been eaten up in 5 minutes after the photo's taken.

Oh,did I tell you I love desserts(except the ones with mango) as my life?

I can't live without desserts,seriously.


Many things are unfinished on my writing desk,I like the beauty of the incompleted and unfinished.

No colour at all and the background is dark,sucks.

Could anyone guess the theme of this design?(no one I guess)

One of my favourite designs drawn in the Maths lesson,

inspired by the Egyptian 3D pyramid and an animal starts with the letter "R"(I don't know its name at all,a city girl talking here)

Mar 30, 2010

a not-like-holiday holiday

Easter holiday started yesterday, but my accounting teacher urged us to go to school for extra lessons. It was not that bad at first,until my best friend,who is not studying accounting,was having a great party and texting me how fun it was, while I was sitting in the classroom daydreaming(haha).

I love designing shoes on my notebook during lessons,but I never learnt it from anyone, that's why my drawings sucks.(By the way,I got a C in arts,haha)

Love the sexy lips of the monsters.Muahzzzzz~

And the colourful eyes!!!

Mar 5, 2010

sweet life

life is tough,so the only way to live it is be tougher than it