by D&G

May 28, 2010

We Can Still Have a Bad-Looking Day Though We Love Fashion

Heys, thank so much for the encouraging comments on the previous post! I'm so glad that someone loves the dress I designed. So, here is another "grabbed something from the closet unconsciously, early in the morning" look.
If you get annoyed and irritated with these photos, I totally understand, 'cause I think this look is not nice at all. I still wanna share it 'cause we aren't always look good, we can still have a bad day even we love fashion.

Did something crazy with one of the photos last time.

My beloved blazer, jumpsuit and luggage.

I was talking on phone with this weird pose, haha.

Jumpsuit, from H&M. Blazer, from Another Ground.

HAHAHAHAHA. What was I doing?!

I looked a bit mature.....erm, I mean, awkard.

So, are you having a bad-looking day?

May 20, 2010

Yes,I made that.

Erm...I made a dress. This was the first time I've ever made a dress by myself! It was quite fun actually, though the product didn't come out very well. Oh God! I'm super embarrassed now.
p.s I did this without the help of any machine. I confess that.

The photos were taken by Hilary and Natalie. They are marvellous, but my dress and I suck.


I totally looked like an idiot.

This is much better 'cause you can't see my face, haha.

Can't help myself loving my two selfless friends.

Special effect-ed. Weird.

Something vintage makes things better.

You may probably stop reading this post after seeing this. Or you've stopped in an earlier time?

God knows what I was doing over there.

How's the dress? Should I not make any dresses or stuff like that in the future? Pretty sure that I'm not talented in fashion design, but should I give my dream up?

Please tell me, I'm very puzzled.

May 17, 2010

BlackBook is BlackBook

Just started my obsession over BlackBook. My love to it can't be explained by words. I really wanna kiss it. It is the best magazine ever.

May Edition

April Edition

He is way too sexy.
My ex is nothing compared to him.

She is hotter than hot, cooler than cool.

I love her expression, fear on fearless face.

Selita Ebanks, gosh, look at her booties!

Postcard from the edge. I hope it's to me,haha.

Is she really a human being? She is a modern Venus for sure.

Come on, I must be in a dream.

BlackBook makes my day.

May 16, 2010

Couldn't Stop Myself From Screaming

Went to a shoe exhibition in Hong Kong. It was nothing but AMAZING. God, I nearly screamed out loud, okay, I did scream. But I don't really understand why the floor has these patterns, they really bother and mess up my photo taking. Whateverzzz. The following are just a few of them, there are a lot cool shoes in the exhibition.

They came to world in 1867 in Canada. Back then, Canadian ladies used to wear them in weddings. Very beautiful? I don't think so. But I could feel the blissful air when I saw these shoes. That's why I love them, I admired the one who made these shoes.

Buttons up! 1910, also in Canada.
Very Inspiring, I have to say. White booties with a curve of buttons.
Love them!

1980 in France, by Maude Frizon. OMG, the shape, the colour, the style, the air. Heels are just incredible.

1977, designed by H&R Rayne, in Britain. I was like in heaven when I saw it.

Look at the heels! Look at the heels! Look at the heels! Look at the heels!
Something like Renaissance. These shoes, are truly my angels.

Tell me. How could I possibly stop loving shoes after I've gone to this exhibition?! It will be the same situation as asking little girl stop loving Barbie, ordering a cat not to play with something fluffy, control a mouse not to eat a piece of cheddar cheese. Which is IMPOSSIBLE, forever.

Not loving shoes, over my dead body.

May 14, 2010


Jamie borrowed me her Glamour (May 2010 edition) today. It is actually better than what I've expected.

These are the great pages from "Little Style Risks Every Woman Should Take".

This title couldn't be more right, every woman should try a thousand times to find their right style. It's like looking for your Mr. Right. Some style you may just "like" but not "love", some style you may love, but it doesn't fit you, some style may exactly fit you but time is needed to look for them. It's sometimes hard but sometimes easy. Some people may get their suitable when they are bornt, some, uh....are fashion victims. So, the best way to get your own style is to take risks, follow yourself and fall in love with fashion.

In fashion, Mr. Good Enough is NOT Enough, you must find your Mr. Right. That's what I think.

Let's try the French Chic style! (just's absolutely not my cup of tea)
In a French Restaurant, with my lovely school bag and Jamie's Glamour, having my banana spilt.
How could I possibly concentrate on my studies?!

Just wanna relax and burn down the school.

May 10, 2010

4 in 1

Just downloaded an application to my iphone, which I've got obsessed at once. It's funny that I can see 4 myselves in the same photo,which was taken by a phone but not a camera. I then took photos of everything everywhere around my's a bit crazy though. Obviously, the "driving students mad" tests and exams are the main reason of mental disorder and the gradual increasing rate of psycho.

God, I even took photos with my floor, door, bag and curtains!

Sweet angel is a souvenir from my best friend, Stephanie, when she went to Paris last summer. Both bags are from Japan, where I spent all my savings last year. The blue one is the limited edition of Adidas, while the lovely doggie head one is from Crystal Ball.

The two notebooks I bought today, I fell in love with them immediately as soon as I saw them. I can't help buying them, although I don't have much money left this month (today's just the first few weeks of May!). It's time to reveal my biggest secret(actually it's not a secret anymore,among my friends)------I'M A SUPER SUPER SHOPAHOLIC!!!
So that's it for today and R.I.P my wallet.

May 7, 2010

Wonderful World

Yesterday, I was totally shocked when I saw the sky being purple. In my life, I have only seen the sky blue,orange,grey or dark blue. I was wondering whether the sky was really purple or my eyes had some techincal problems. After like 5 seconds,the sky turned grey(which is a normal colour to me). Then, today, when I woke up, it was raining super heavily, so I went to school bringing my huge huge huge umbrella and holding a 3 inches thick history book, which was a very awkard situation. Soon, I found out there's actually NO history lesson today and the sun was shining brighter than bright in the afternoon. Isn't that pathetically wonderful?

Purple sky right out of Chanel.

My hands were definitely shaking due to the shocking sky.

May 5, 2010

Seriously Lack of Time

I have not blog for a while because I was having tons of tests. They are terribly horrible, of course. And I have no time to type any post, I prefer to post something worths to share rather than a piece of shit. Thanks for the tests, I was not productive at all, which I've only drawn one new design during the Maths lessons, without being noticed.

I would say it's a bit to the Louis Vuitton style,but I didn't do that on purpose!