by D&G

Jun 12, 2010

Get Military

A bit military style this time, just a slight touch. I guess it's enough for boosting a boring exams preparating day up. Grabbed this outfit accidentally. I love accidents.

My new white tank top from Bershka. My beloved jeans from Izzue.

Izzue opened a store in Paris last year, Luckily!

Izzue is always one of my favourite brands.

I decided that I'm definitely going to shop until there's no money left in my purse and have my haircut after the exams. Can't Wait! So looking forward to my plans after exam!

Jun 6, 2010

My Sequin FAB Tee

This is my favourite tee ever. The fact is, the sequin word "FAB" do make the T-shirt fab. God, I don't know whether the designer did it purposely or unawarely. Anyway, it came out unbelivably chic but edgy.

Photos by Cherry and Natalie.

Lovely. I mean the T-shirt, not me.

Studded blazer.

Seriously, I enjoy days working with friends not seriously.

The belt brought in a vintage exciting book store. Funny, huh?

I hope I will survive until the terrible exams come to an end.
Last words before my exams lasting two week, "I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MY CLOSET".