Be tougher,love shoes

by D&G

Sep 14, 2010

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 RTW collection---70s is back,Mixing our 2011

Hey babies, I know I've been really really lazy recently. I was so shocked when I saw the number of posts I've written---1!---in August. Only one post a month is definitely not acceptable and I should be punished. I promise I will write more frequently in September since the school opens. I will have my IGCSE exams in the coming May, horrifying, right? Well, never mind my personal life.

Oh right, let's start our topic today. Of course, Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 RTW Collection. Aren't the entire world talking about it? I know we over-talked it, but I HAVE TO talk about it!!!

Now here are some looks in the show. You sure have already seen them over a million times.

Dear Marc Jacobs opened with an Eastern-inflected coat in an electric orange print, with belled sleeves and an obilike belt. As you all know, orange is not a color that everyone can wear with the outcome of these models. But with this adorable cutting, I don't know why I believe all women from size 0 to 12 can handle this coat.

Guess what, this jumpsuit is my favorite in the entire collection. It's just edgy and gorgeous. Oh, did I mention laces and see-throughs are the hits in 2011? (Though I've been lovin' them since Spring 2010, remember my design in the post "Lace"?)

Here we go, Red is the new Black. Red jumpsuit, red sandals, red clutch. See the hair dress on her head? RED. I always have loved RED.

Large hat, omg scarf and the satin bottom(Thanks for not having jeans) are the main point of the look. By the way, totally red again.

Love this. You can actually wear the whole thing to school or work, chic but not cheap. Pretty pleated pants.

Okay, 70s, 70s, 70s. After the storm of 80s(my favorite), here we come the 70s. Pay attention to classic, easy-to-wear clothes and fantasy garments, guys.

Minimalism plus Marc's own style. Bravo. Makes me think of the collection of Chloe.

Last but not least, this is extraordinary! Don't you think so? Gold, Black, Red.

Unbelievably mouth-watering.

Photos above are my looks in his Spring 2011 RTW collection, and I hope you like them, too. Now it conveys to me that Marc Jacobs is deeply committed to tremmendously well-cut top and easy-to-wear,versatile bottoms with flattering lines which sweep over the body.

Just my opinion, Look out for saucy platforms and stay away from All Black and White,my dear. Because Our carefree, colorful, classic 70s is back.

Aug 4, 2010


So, I'm back babe. It's been 3 weeks I disappeared in my beloved blog and readers(sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading my blog or cares about what I'm typing since I'm such a loser haha)

I'm now back from NYC, LA, LV, Washington D.C, Rhode Island and Shanghai. United States, a magical place, is fantastic. Come on, I'm bornt to be a New Yorker! That's what I thought after staying in NYC for weeks at Aunt Phyllis's place. Shanghai sucked.

So here's a short evalution about my 3-week-trip....

LA: great place, nice people, who are a bit fatter than I expected, no offence (of course there are cute guys and hot girls). And a weird thing, people in LA do not walk, ummmm.....long distance, they use cars; short distance, they use electronic little bikes, ummm.....funny.

LV: awesome buildings, great casino

NYC: nothing but PERFECT

Washington D.C: quite boring, to be honest

Rhode Island: the buildings are so vintage and my mom loves there

Shanghai: I've actually got a flu there. The shower was dripping out water drop by drop instead working normally no matter how hard I tried, so it's hard for me to take a good shower. Oh, and no shower curtains so the bathroom was all wet every time I'd finished "showering". It was 39 degree C, no AC, no fan, no WiFi, no PC, plus the TV remote control didn't work at all. It's a miracle that I'm still alive! Shanghai expo...something like a not magical disneyland.

So, this is it, for my stupid evalution.

Anyways, here is my new set of photos. I saw a magazine with the cover of non-make-up stars. So I immediately called my best friend Stephanie over and took these, My non-make-up photos.
This outfit was grabbed in two minutes for my closet so it didn't look well. Forgive me.

Dad's white T-shirt, White leg warmer from UNIQLO, Lips necklace from JKL, Military green skinny jeans from Izzue, Purple+ Muddy yellow ankle boots from I forgot where lol.

I love you all, babes.

Jul 10, 2010

Summer Psycho

It's been long since last post, I admit that. I'm so sorry!!! I was having my exams for the last few weeks, which made me no time for anything except studies. It's awful not to touch my blog for such a long time! Long story short, after my exams, I picked up my camera and got out of my room. The only sentence that I could think of is "THIS IS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", which inspired my new look, a simple but summer look.
Again, I looked like an idiots in the photos. Not nicely taken, but I can still love them, can't I?

Okay, to be perfect honest, I'm a summerholic.

Blue straw hat(from a department store in Japan)
Navy blue T-shirt(homemade)
White short(from H&M)

Sunglasses covering my black eyes.

Summer= Beachdays+Sun+Fashion+Fun.

17th floor is where I live in.

By the way, I will have arrived LA by this time on Thursday!!!! I'm sure I'll have a great time in there. Then I will head to LV! OMG I can't wait! Okay...(recollecting myself).. erm...then I will go to NYC, one of my favourite place in the world. Actually, I will visit my beloved aunt in NYC. But Weird, huh? (West coast directly to East coast) Never mind, I'm always that extreme anyway. Everyone says I'm overreacting, but I really am so excited about this trip!

So looking forward to everything that happens in summer.

Jun 12, 2010

Get Military

A bit military style this time, just a slight touch. I guess it's enough for boosting a boring exams preparating day up. Grabbed this outfit accidentally. I love accidents.

My new white tank top from Bershka. My beloved jeans from Izzue.

Izzue opened a store in Paris last year, Luckily!

Izzue is always one of my favourite brands.

I decided that I'm definitely going to shop until there's no money left in my purse and have my haircut after the exams. Can't Wait! So looking forward to my plans after exam!

Jun 6, 2010

My Sequin FAB Tee

This is my favourite tee ever. The fact is, the sequin word "FAB" do make the T-shirt fab. God, I don't know whether the designer did it purposely or unawarely. Anyway, it came out unbelivably chic but edgy.

Photos by Cherry and Natalie.

Lovely. I mean the T-shirt, not me.

Studded blazer.

Seriously, I enjoy days working with friends not seriously.

The belt brought in a vintage exciting book store. Funny, huh?

I hope I will survive until the terrible exams come to an end.
Last words before my exams lasting two week, "I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MY CLOSET".

May 28, 2010

We Can Still Have a Bad-Looking Day Though We Love Fashion

Heys, thank so much for the encouraging comments on the previous post! I'm so glad that someone loves the dress I designed. So, here is another "grabbed something from the closet unconsciously, early in the morning" look.
If you get annoyed and irritated with these photos, I totally understand, 'cause I think this look is not nice at all. I still wanna share it 'cause we aren't always look good, we can still have a bad day even we love fashion.

Did something crazy with one of the photos last time.

My beloved blazer, jumpsuit and luggage.

I was talking on phone with this weird pose, haha.

Jumpsuit, from H&M. Blazer, from Another Ground.

HAHAHAHAHA. What was I doing?!

I looked a bit mature.....erm, I mean, awkard.

So, are you having a bad-looking day?

May 20, 2010

Yes,I made that.

Erm...I made a dress. This was the first time I've ever made a dress by myself! It was quite fun actually, though the product didn't come out very well. Oh God! I'm super embarrassed now.
p.s I did this without the help of any machine. I confess that.

The photos were taken by Hilary and Natalie. They are marvellous, but my dress and I suck.


I totally looked like an idiot.

This is much better 'cause you can't see my face, haha.

Can't help myself loving my two selfless friends.

Special effect-ed. Weird.

Something vintage makes things better.

You may probably stop reading this post after seeing this. Or you've stopped in an earlier time?

God knows what I was doing over there.

How's the dress? Should I not make any dresses or stuff like that in the future? Pretty sure that I'm not talented in fashion design, but should I give my dream up?

Please tell me, I'm very puzzled.