by D&G

Jul 10, 2010

Summer Psycho

It's been long since last post, I admit that. I'm so sorry!!! I was having my exams for the last few weeks, which made me no time for anything except studies. It's awful not to touch my blog for such a long time! Long story short, after my exams, I picked up my camera and got out of my room. The only sentence that I could think of is "THIS IS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", which inspired my new look, a simple but summer look.
Again, I looked like an idiots in the photos. Not nicely taken, but I can still love them, can't I?

Okay, to be perfect honest, I'm a summerholic.

Blue straw hat(from a department store in Japan)
Navy blue T-shirt(homemade)
White short(from H&M)

Sunglasses covering my black eyes.

Summer= Beachdays+Sun+Fashion+Fun.

17th floor is where I live in.

By the way, I will have arrived LA by this time on Thursday!!!! I'm sure I'll have a great time in there. Then I will head to LV! OMG I can't wait! Okay...(recollecting myself).. erm...then I will go to NYC, one of my favourite place in the world. Actually, I will visit my beloved aunt in NYC. But Weird, huh? (West coast directly to East coast) Never mind, I'm always that extreme anyway. Everyone says I'm overreacting, but I really am so excited about this trip!

So looking forward to everything that happens in summer.