by D&G

Apr 23, 2010


Spent a relaxing evening in an upstairs cafe. I'm not sure what its name exactly is,something like "Sweet Jane"(?). It's so warm and cozy,with tons of fashion magazine(highlighted key point).

Vintage style mixing Japanese drawings.


Love the vintage fan.

This Balcony is my favorite,but it's too hot to sit there today.

Vogue magazine and my favorite,Vanessa Paradis.

Rouge --- Coco Chanel.
One of my favorite ladies plus one of my favorite brands, do you know what does it mean?
I'm totally buying it!


  1. your shoe designs are great very original and unique

  2. I love coffee and so I spend lots of time (basically everyday) sitting in a cafe typing it up on my computer haha. This one looks super chill.


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