by D&G

Jun 6, 2010

My Sequin FAB Tee

This is my favourite tee ever. The fact is, the sequin word "FAB" do make the T-shirt fab. God, I don't know whether the designer did it purposely or unawarely. Anyway, it came out unbelivably chic but edgy.

Photos by Cherry and Natalie.

Lovely. I mean the T-shirt, not me.

Studded blazer.

Seriously, I enjoy days working with friends not seriously.

The belt brought in a vintage exciting book store. Funny, huh?

I hope I will survive until the terrible exams come to an end.
Last words before my exams lasting two week, "I'M SO IN LOVE WITH MY CLOSET".


  1. i love the studded jacket and nice glasses ^^

  2. wow are you really fifeteen?
    great style

  3. these are the best photos in your blog! (:
    great post! good luck on your exams!

  4. Lol. You are lovely too, however I agree it is a very lovely shirt!

    Good luck with exams!

  5. ohh the studded blazer looks AWESOME and so bad-ass, I love it!!

  6. love the shoes and your outfit.

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