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May 20, 2010

Yes,I made that.

Erm...I made a dress. This was the first time I've ever made a dress by myself! It was quite fun actually, though the product didn't come out very well. Oh God! I'm super embarrassed now.
p.s I did this without the help of any machine. I confess that.

The photos were taken by Hilary and Natalie. They are marvellous, but my dress and I suck.


I totally looked like an idiot.

This is much better 'cause you can't see my face, haha.

Can't help myself loving my two selfless friends.

Special effect-ed. Weird.

Something vintage makes things better.

You may probably stop reading this post after seeing this. Or you've stopped in an earlier time?

God knows what I was doing over there.

How's the dress? Should I not make any dresses or stuff like that in the future? Pretty sure that I'm not talented in fashion design, but should I give my dream up?

Please tell me, I'm very puzzled.


  1. I love this dress! How you do it?
    I really really like this and you look very nice :)

  2. i love ur hair and i think ur dress looks great ^^

  3. don't worry you looks great
    lovely outfit
    for telling about our dress we dont need to be a fashion expert

    nice post
    have a great weeekend

  4. Good job sweety!!!
    Well done, great outfit!!!


  5. your dress came out great!! haha aww dont be camera shy! it's your daily 5 minutes to shine =)


  6. i think you look really cute
    please check out and follow my fashion blog please!

    I promise you will enjoy it ;)

  7. Awesome. I like the collar and with it belted and all that. I think it'd look cool with some kind of longish sleeve shirt underneath and cool tights or something.

  8. The dress is really nice! and you look great!

  9. I love that dress!!! So lovely! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!


  10. thanks for commenting! great blog! and i love your outfit, the dress looks amazing!! wish i could sew too...

  11. hey! thanks for commenting on my blog!! i actually think the dress is very nice!! and the fact that you made it for the first time without a machine is even more amazing .. you should be really proud of yourself ! :)
    and also i love your braided ponytail.. i love having my hair up like that too :)
    it goes great with the dress .
    looking forward to more!


  12. you're being way too hard on yourself! I actually love it!

  13. hey sweetie! thanks for leaving me a comment! I am now following you too :) So look, I am not talented either in designing clothes but when it comes to making I think you really nailed it! It is great AND i am so jealous! I want to make my own dress someday so badly-you can't imagine! So, don't worry, even if it disappointed you. always remember that this was your first try! I am sure you can do better (although I LOVE THIS DRESS). How did you make that anyway??? Did you sew it?
    xxx Annie

  14. Thanks for your comment!
    nice pics!

  15. thankyou for your lovely comment, feel free to follow meeeee. your dress is lovely, well done. X

  16. woewwwo thats pretty effing awesome!

  17. I think your dress turned out so well!

  18. Actually the dress is pretty sick, I like it. Keep going with your fashion design dream, you have potential =)

  19. Never give up your dreams hun! You've got potential, and ambition, what else do you need! xx


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