by D&G

May 14, 2010


Jamie borrowed me her Glamour (May 2010 edition) today. It is actually better than what I've expected.

These are the great pages from "Little Style Risks Every Woman Should Take".

This title couldn't be more right, every woman should try a thousand times to find their right style. It's like looking for your Mr. Right. Some style you may just "like" but not "love", some style you may love, but it doesn't fit you, some style may exactly fit you but time is needed to look for them. It's sometimes hard but sometimes easy. Some people may get their suitable when they are bornt, some, uh....are fashion victims. So, the best way to get your own style is to take risks, follow yourself and fall in love with fashion.

In fashion, Mr. Good Enough is NOT Enough, you must find your Mr. Right. That's what I think.

Let's try the French Chic style! (just's absolutely not my cup of tea)
In a French Restaurant, with my lovely school bag and Jamie's Glamour, having my banana spilt.
How could I possibly concentrate on my studies?!

Just wanna relax and burn down the school.


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