by D&G

May 10, 2010

4 in 1

Just downloaded an application to my iphone, which I've got obsessed at once. It's funny that I can see 4 myselves in the same photo,which was taken by a phone but not a camera. I then took photos of everything everywhere around my's a bit crazy though. Obviously, the "driving students mad" tests and exams are the main reason of mental disorder and the gradual increasing rate of psycho.

God, I even took photos with my floor, door, bag and curtains!

Sweet angel is a souvenir from my best friend, Stephanie, when she went to Paris last summer. Both bags are from Japan, where I spent all my savings last year. The blue one is the limited edition of Adidas, while the lovely doggie head one is from Crystal Ball.

The two notebooks I bought today, I fell in love with them immediately as soon as I saw them. I can't help buying them, although I don't have much money left this month (today's just the first few weeks of May!). It's time to reveal my biggest secret(actually it's not a secret anymore,among my friends)------I'M A SUPER SUPER SHOPAHOLIC!!!
So that's it for today and R.I.P my wallet.


  1. aww those pics have come out so well! love them

    oh man i am spending money i don't have too :c where's a pot of gold when you need one?

  2. i love these! it looks so awesome

  3. haha i always see something and if i fall in love, there is no stopping it. i have to buy it.
    some may call it normal, others call me a shopoholic...whatever :)


  4. The Eiffel Tower looks great on your sidebar!



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