by D&G

May 16, 2010

Couldn't Stop Myself From Screaming

Went to a shoe exhibition in Hong Kong. It was nothing but AMAZING. God, I nearly screamed out loud, okay, I did scream. But I don't really understand why the floor has these patterns, they really bother and mess up my photo taking. Whateverzzz. The following are just a few of them, there are a lot cool shoes in the exhibition.

They came to world in 1867 in Canada. Back then, Canadian ladies used to wear them in weddings. Very beautiful? I don't think so. But I could feel the blissful air when I saw these shoes. That's why I love them, I admired the one who made these shoes.

Buttons up! 1910, also in Canada.
Very Inspiring, I have to say. White booties with a curve of buttons.
Love them!

1980 in France, by Maude Frizon. OMG, the shape, the colour, the style, the air. Heels are just incredible.

1977, designed by H&R Rayne, in Britain. I was like in heaven when I saw it.

Look at the heels! Look at the heels! Look at the heels! Look at the heels!
Something like Renaissance. These shoes, are truly my angels.

Tell me. How could I possibly stop loving shoes after I've gone to this exhibition?! It will be the same situation as asking little girl stop loving Barbie, ordering a cat not to play with something fluffy, control a mouse not to eat a piece of cheddar cheese. Which is IMPOSSIBLE, forever.

Not loving shoes, over my dead body.


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